Friday, 1 April 2011

Give us a clue?? x


So people who craft tell me to start a blog!! Apparently its easy but I'm struggling. Help lol. I look forward to being able to post pictures of gorgeous crafty things that I have made. I'm always inspired by others, especially Sue at Paper Paradise (see blogs I follow for her fab work). In fact I always say my things are inspired by Sue and made by Shar xx Please be gentle with me, my spelling is rubbish and my grammar is worse lol.


P.s is this spell check American?? Whoopsy xxxx


  1. Yeah you did it!!!!!!!!! I knew you would. No stopping you now Sharon, can't wait to keep up with your wonderful creations. Can you start with the fantastic plaque you showed us the other day? It really is YUMMY!!!!!! Sue x

  2. lol my spell check is american too and I often end up with yardstick instead of cardstock, thats the joy of working on a mac lol, I am glad you took the plunge and began blogging, and I look forward to seeing all your lovely creations, and I agree Sue is an inspiration xxx