Monday, 30 January 2012

Stamped Candle

This weekend saw me try something new with images created from stamping. I have seen candles that have stamped images set onto them on other people’s blogs and I have wanted to try it for ages. It looks fiddly, and to be honest it is a bit, but I think that effort is well worth it when you see the results you get. One of my closest friends sadly lost her sister to cancer last September and today would have been her sisters birthday. I know my friend is going to find today very difficult and I wanted to make her a small gift to let her know I was thinking of her and her family.
Jeannette loves her candles and also loves anything with sentiment behind it so I knew this would mean a lot to her. I gave her the gift yesterday and she said she would light it for a little while today.
I used a Crafty Individuals angel stamp, its CI-086. It is a beautiful image and on the pillar at the side of the angels is says ‘Hear the beating of their golden wings and the sound of music in your heart’. On the back the word stamp came from a set I have from Papermania. I embellished the candle with some flowers sprayed with perfect pearls mist and some gorgeous cotton cream lace. I use this lot in my projects I always think it makes them look so vintage.

You stamp your chosen image onto tissue paper, colour it if you wish (I used water colour pencils to keep it very pale), cut it out leaving a very small boarder around the image and then place that image onto your candle. Then you wrap this tightly with wax paper, (I didn’t have any of this so I used baking paper. It’s not ideal for this project as it’s a brown colour and difficult to see your image underneath it!! However it did work.) You then gently use your heat tool to go over where the image is underneath the paper and slowly the wax from the candle absorbs the tissue paper with the image on it!! It’s like magic.
Just a few things to note if you try this project out for yourself:
The tissue paper seemed to have a different texture on each side! I didn’t notice until I tried to stamp the image and on one side the ink went a little blotchy, I tried again on the other side and it was perfect.
My water colour pencils have never been used and tore the paper, so I re stamped the image to start again and softened the points of the pencils on some scrap card stock before using again.
You need to be very careful not to overheat the image on the candle or the candle melts!! Just be patient and keep checking and re-heating.
I would like to enter this project into the Stamp Man Challenge, this challenge is all about embelshing your projects. See the challenge here:

Thank you for coming over for a peep
Sharon xx


  1. hi Sharon thank you for your lovely visit. This is one beautiful candle and a perfect gift for your friend. You have crafted it beautifully and obviously with lots of love,. The stamps work perfectly with the colours and look so beautiful on the candle.


  2. Stunning candle and the best I've seen using this technique, perfectly embellished, and such a lovely thoughtful present for your friend, I'm sure she really appreciated your gift. xx

  3. This is a beautiful candle Sharon. The lace and flower embellishments really finish it off beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing it with us at The Stamp Man Challenge.